1000 words on happiness

I love you. That is really the only reason why I write these words. I hope in this helpless jumble of words, I will be explain the simple ancient truths that can free you and save humanity from itself.

The super simple version is that if you want happiness, live for others. We have got mixed up with what actually makes up happy. We buy different things and quickly get used to them, then think maybe something else will make us happy. It is like a thirsty person chasing a mirage but when that person reaches the mirage, they find nothing there. The sad thing is that we often make the same mistake over and over yet do not learn our lesson. What we want deep down are simple things that we can get for free – love, purpose, peace. If you love others without any expectation of being loved back then you will suddenly feel free and your mind will be open to the many truths you will need on the happiness path, a path of increasingly deep levels of happiness. Psychologist say that connection is one of the most fundamental needs of human beings. It is not the big things but the subtle that we truly wish for. If you still yourself and watch your feelings, you will find simple things like a smile, even from a stranger, will raise your happiness. Now try purposely smiling at someone so that you can have the same effect on them. Watch yourself from inside, you will find you are becoming more alive. But as you start on this journey of exploring and working on these subtle feelings, you will realise that you must have a purpose. Again, psychologist have shown that this one of our key needs. In fact, what distinguishes our brains from that of other animals, is the ability to imagine, plan and contemplate. Again, a simple version of our purpose is to compete with each other in doing good. You know that it is your purpose because you function better that way. Much like a camera can be used for taking pictures or for eating your food with. When you use the camera for taking pictures, you get more out of it. But your brain, or this mysterious thing called your conscience, will tell you that doing good things is nice but it is not meaningful enough. Your true purpose, which I have put off mentioning because of an affliction that characterises our age – the misunderstanding that has arisen between humanity and God – is that we need to go on an endless journey of becoming at one with God, which is done becoming beautiful and destroying your ego. What is that misunderstanding that we have developed against God? Firstly, God does not need anything from us, God tells you what is good for you. There are many more misunderstandings, here are a few for now. To be aware of Gods existence, does not take intellect, but awareness should make it more impossible to deny God. It is gratefulness that is required to fight your ego which wants to deny God. How can you deny God who has created you in such a perfect way? Much like you cannot deny the creator of a camera, you cannot deny the creator of the eyes that most humans have. People say that evolution created those eyes. God and evolution are not separate things, evolution is just a process by which things are created, God does not use hands. Simple probabilities show that God must exist but even scientists choose the less probable, we all have egos to confuse us. If you want peace, you will only find it in gratefulness to God – gratefulness is an awareness and action. If you do not say thank you when someone does something nice to you, you will begin to die inside. The same happens when you are ungrateful to God who cleans water for you through the water cycle and protects our Earth with an invisible forcefield known as Earth’s magnetic field which protects us from harmful radiation from the Sun and stops the air we breath from floating away into space. Be grateful to God by reminding yourself how lucky you are to be alive and by doing good actions towards all of God’s creation, from human beings, to animals, to trees.

But everything I write is not just so that you can be happy. It is not even just ideas. What I mention here in short is the root to solving all our problems, from corrupt government, saving the environment or fixing our economic systems. How is that? For every age, for every people, God has guided humanity. What I have written so far is simply a dot in the endless help that God has been giving us. Yes, all religions have come from the same root, originally, teaching the same principles. Most were due to become corrupt once they had reached their sell by date. Christianity, not really a new religion, as Jesus (peace be upon him) was a Jewish Prophet, was a tribal religion. But when humanity had evolved into an international tribe, with its many sub tribes, God taught Islam. People are very unaware of the connections between the spiritual teachings of the past. For example, Buddha, Krishna, Jesus and Muhammad, peace pe upon them all, said they would come again in our age. In the past, when spiritual guides, or Prophets, said they would come again, it was always metaphorical. Before Jesus was to come, Prophet Elijah was supposed to return. When asked, Jesus said that return was in the person of John the Baptist. The second coming of these ancient Prophets has been fulfilled by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (peace be upon him), a Prophet of God. If you want answers to all your questions, you will not find better ones than from his explanation of religion. Learn more by asking me or searching “love for all, hatred for none”.