How to change the world

1. Happiness

Happy individuals are the building blocks of a happier world. They build happier families and societies.  Happiness is a journey which requires belief – a dream and knowledge. The ultimate belief is God; it puts everything into perspective. Knowledge requires an open mind for which you must have love. Love loosens the grip of your ego which keeps you in denial. Offer peace from your heart to everyone –  it will connect you with your brothers and sisters; and allow love in.


2. God

He has created man from a drop of fluid, but lo! he is an open disputer.

Despite the immense complexities of every creature on this planet, despite the protection given by our atmosphere and the clouds watering the earth to bring sustenance for our feeble bodies, we confidently reject our Creator. God is alive and responds to those in search of Him. Without God we become materialistic robots, lost, alienated, depressed. God is the light of life.


3. Success

Belief and good works. That’s what success comes down to. Here’s why. First you need belief. The ultimate of belief is God who puts everything into its correct perspective and so helps you choose your goals. God also puts you in line with how your careers really grow – in mysterious ways – so stop planning! Just keep doing. Don’t believe in God? You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. You’ll need it because success is a journey too difficult for most sane people. Then be good. We’re wired that way, so we need to be. But being good also helps us be in touch with peoples’ problems, solve them and you’ll be successful.


4. Economy

Those who devour interest do not rise except as rises one whom Satan has smitten with insanity. Interest creates insanity.

Interest based loans encourage greed; steal from the poor and give to the rich; and pay for wars. Interest encourages hoarding money, clogging up the life blood of the economy. If money is reinvested in good businesses or charities, it makes the lender happier and the world better. The world stands on the labour of those at the bottom of society, don’t crush them, help them. There’s plenty for everyone. Search “Worgl experiment” to see how to flip struggling economies.


5. Environment

When we’re at peace with ourselves, we’ll be at peace with our environment. When we’re not at peace, we do self-destructive things: take drugs and destroy our world. But we’re being taken care of. A look at the water cycle that provides us water we shows us there is a careful balance in nature that maintains our lives. There are consequences to our actions but there is also hope. Damage to our environment follows the same principles that decide happiness – if we are good then good results will follow. Goodness leads to inner peace and so better decisions.


6. Love

Love. Something we can’t live without. But we’ve forgotten what it is, which is why society is so lost. You were always my brother, my sister, why do we live with barriers? Love is not short lived lust, a commodity with an expiry date. Love must be free.  “Love for all, hatred for none” will heal the world.


7. Change

Your leaders come from among you and you deserve them. If your leaders are bad, then you are bad as a society. Your leaders did not come from space but from among you. Reflect and you will see there are many faults in society and even in your families. Leaders’ corruption is magnified because power exaggerates corruption. If you want to change the world, be honest with yourself. When you are honest with yourself you will change yourself and slowly everyone around you. Join your brothers and sisters who have decided to change.